Why Does The NREMT Feel So Hard?

October 15, 2010 | NREMT Exam Information

NREMT Paramedic Exam

NREMT Paramedic Exam

To study and better prepare the NREMT, you must first understand the way the NREMT exam is designed. The NREMT exam is an adaptive test called a Computer Adaptive Test (often referred to as a CT or CAT). This type of test is computer-based and adapts to the test taker’s responses through Item Response Theory (IRT), which provides logical questions based on the previous answers. These tests are very different from the examination of a traditional exam that runs in a more static approach simply providing questions randomly selected from a large bank of questions. Computer adaptive tests are generally utilized when the topics and skills measured are considered life altering.

In developing these tests, each question is strategically calibrated to determine their level of difficulty. This is accomplished by including pilot questions into each exam that do not count against the examinees final score. Once the level of difficulty of the pilot question is determined, the skill level necessary to correctly answer the question can be established. Some questions may be considered less difficult and requires a lower level of knowledge to answer correctly while others may be considered more difficult requiring a high level of knowledge to answer correctly.

The total number of questions given to each candidate varies when taking these types of exams. Correct and incorrect answers given by the test taker will determine the level of difficulty of the next question until the test takers level of knowledge can be established. This is usually done by beginning the exam with a series of questions at or below the minimum level of knowledge required to pass the exam. When the test taker’s answer is correct, the computer will choose a question that requires a higher degree of knowledge to answer correctly. If the majority of questions posed in the series of questions are answered correctly, the computer will select a second set of questions of a higher level of difficulty and continue until the student reaches their maximum level of competency. To many people, the NREMT examination seems more difficult than other tests. This is exactly why. During the examination, correct and incorrect answers are measured against a standard scale to determine the overall capacity of the candidate. When the computer decides that the person has answered continuously above or below the standard entry-level skills, the exam ends. The examinee that demonstrates an ability to answer most questions correctly often finds that the exam is ends quickly. The exam ends when the computer is 95% sure that the student has reached the minimum level.

The most effective way to ensure that you reach the minimum level required by the NREMT is by sticking to good study habits and utilizing good NREMT EMT Paramedic study guides such as flashcards, study sheets, audio study guides and study groups.


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